About Us

Since 1998, Applied Building Technologies, Inc. has been providing the highest level of energy, cleaning, and environmental services to clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

Our experienced, qualified staff and seasoned management team ready to handle all aspects of your sanitization, environmental, or energy management project. We emphasize strict supervision, insist on scheduled meetings, and provide regular reports to our clients. We are fully qualified to sanitize your facility with the EPA-registered disinfectant, for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 to safeguard your employees and customers 24/7. 

BioVex® provides athletic facilities a safe and convenient system to reduce the spread of bloodborne pathogens and communicable infections from non-porous surfaces throughout their facilities.

The proprietary blend of oxychloride chemistry of BioVex® provides disinfection by attacking the surfaces of microbes and breaking them down. It works immediately on contact and remains working until dried. No residual active compound is left behind, so no rinsing is required. BioVex® is also an excellent deodorizer.