Energy Management Services

Save thousands of dollars in operating and energy costs.

In an age of rising costs, increased competition, and environmental concerns, the pressures on profitability are greater than ever. But now, thanks to newer technologies, businesses are converting their existing lighting and HVAC systems, upgrading motors, installing control systems, and continually striving to implement cost-effective energy-efficient strategies.

Nationwide, owners and managers of office buildings, retail spaces, and industrial and government facilities have realized significant reductions in overhead costs and energy consumption. In the process, they have lessened the impact on the environment by reducing emissions of CO2, SO2, and NOx, significant contributors to global warming and Acid Rain.

Maintaining energy costs and ensuring your facilities are energy efficient is of the utmost importance for facility managers or building owners. Our professional staff can coordinate professional lighting designs, conduct energy audits, and provide payback analysis.

We identify energy savings in lighting, controls, and electrical products, saving thousands of dollars in operating and energy costs. Our analysis includes decreasing maintenance expenditures to make your facilities operate more efficiently. We represent over 10,000 brands from quality manufacturers supported with millions of dollars in local inventory to ensure that you can obtain almost any specialty item your business may require.