HVAC/Air Duct Cleaning Services

Our equipment is sanitized prior to starting on your system to eliminate any potential of cross contamination from any other projects.

We believe all duct must be sanitized along with the mixing boxes, diffusers, etc. to properly and adequately clean the entire system.

It may be necessary to shut down the system during the period we are working in the duct. We use filter media to block/isolate duct sections or on diffusers as required. We work in 20-25 foot sections with a HEPA vacuum and other equipment.

HEPA Filtered vacuums are used to keep room air clean while we work

Cleaning is done with mechanical means in conjunction with the use of High CFM (99.97 percent collection efficiency for 0.3-micron size or larger particles) HEPA style vacuums and three-filtered canister vacuums. Mechanical means could include vacuum brushing of the duct interior, auger style mechanical devices, or high-pressure air-activated in duct cleaning devices to scrape off any dirt adhered to duct walls. The best cleaning is usually done by a combination of the devices.

The position of dampers and air-directional devices are marked prior to cleaning and restored to their marked position on completion. Where drop ceilings exist, sections are removed and reinstalled to gain access during the cleaning process.